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In this exciting twist on the brick breaker gameplay you will have to destroy the waves of bricks before they reach the paddle.  While you can destroy each brick individually, it is best to prioritize the heart piece brick as it will cause the whole wave to be destroyed. Each level contains 5 separate challenges for you to defeat, with a grand total of 9 levels plus 1 final unlockable level, there is a ton of bricks to break.


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Brick Breaker Gravity Final Build.zip 22 MB


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Fun, love the ideas and graphics. The physics simulation however is sub-par with how touchy the controls feel... It's like the ball is playing a separate game than the paddle. The paddle is fast and ready for anything  but the ball is slow and unpredictable with how it will react. It doesn't fallow physics and instead just goes in the same direction it came from creating a really easy to cause loop where you're trying to get out of a corner... But other than the ball physics WONDERFUL game, loved it!


Thank you so much for your comment, and yeah  I had trouble finding a way to implement the ball physics without it getting stuck and leading to what feels like an unfair situation for the player so I ended up just making the ball bounce at a semi-constant angle whenever it hits one of the walls. If I had more time to work on the game I probably would of come up with a better solution.

Still 2 days left :)